Pomodoro Technique surely has been proven to be beneficial in various ways. It can help in accomplishing your to-do lists, jumpstarting your productivity, managing your time, etc. Besides these advantages, however, the importance of having a downtime was also highly emphasized in the system. Therefore, in this blog post, we will dive into the top seven things that you can do between your Pomodoro sessions to maximize the break that you have:

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1. Read a Book


Reading a book is a great way of loosening up your brain. It is a natural stress reliever and was also confirmed to stimulate new ideas. As you read a good book, you improve your focus, concentration, and memory while also building your vocabulary. However, make sure that you are reading a book that diverts your attention to a new topic and not some books that only add up to the weight of what you are doing.

2. Exercise


Exercising to get your blood flowing is a strategic way to take a break between Pomodoro sessions. It is because when you exercise, the blood flow towards your brain increases resulting in higher oxygen levels making you feel more awake and energized. Exercising was also proven to increase creativity and improve mood.

3. Meditate


Feeling anxious? Meditation is a solution that can absolutely help you! The practice of mindfulness has been preserved through generations and it is no doubt why they kept doing so. Meditation is confirmed to help in reducing stress, controlling anxiety, improve self-awareness, and promote mental health. Not to mention that it only requires one thing—your undivided attention.

4. Eat and Drink

Healthy Meal

Probably my favorite way of taking a break! Eating a healthy snack and drinking your favorite cup of coffee after finishing a Pomodoro session may act as a reward system for you. Restricting yourself to eat during breaks can help you avoid eating excessively due to stress eating. Meanwhile, if you prefer a glass of water, it can help you stay hydrated resulting in a more active state of mind all throughout your grind.

5. Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

This way of taking a break varies from person to person. Pampering yourself is the best way to loosen yourself up. Personally, I do this by washing my face, brushing my teeth or applying hair products in my hair—anything that makes me feel physically refreshed. For others, this may expand to applying products in their face, taking a bath or having some quick make over.

6. Watch a Video

Motivational Video

This one is pretty tricky and tempting, yet if leveraged wisely, it can actually result in great effectiveness. I do this by watching motivational videos on YouTube from channels like TedTalk and Motivation2Study. In my experience, it gives me a strong push to continue on what I am accomplishing because it is effective in reminding me of why I am doing what I am doing.

7. Engage in Quality Conversations

Happy Conversations

Once in a while, it is important to engage in quality conversations with our family and friends. By doing this, you are adding value both to yourself and to other people. This also helps in boosting your confidence and willpower by reinforcing positive affirmations throughout the conversation. After all, nothing is better than building relationships, right?

These practices are only a few of the countless things that you can do to maximize your Pomodoro break. It can range from the simplest habit to the most unexpected yet highly effective ones. And as long as it serves its purpose to ease your mind from the tension that comes with your work, perform it until you finally achieve that goal.

12 thoughts on “Top Seven Things You Can Do To Maximize Your Pomodoro Breaks

  1. This was a much needed post for me!! Glad to have read it. I’m mostly clueless about what to do during short breaks that I either end up going back to work or taking a humongous one that stretches for hours. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    When you engage in quality conversations this is a great opportunity to develop and improve your relationship.

    When you’ve known someone for a while it’s easy to take this for granted. Taking time out to talk helps keep connection maintained.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My honor to share this with you!

      Yes, I truly believe that building relationships is very important! It’s always a win-win for you and the other party. Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding this.


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