Social Media has become one of the greatest sources of distraction since the beginning of the digital age. People around the globe are constantly pressured by their environment to participate in the obsession caused by the misuse of these platforms. However, do you know that by properly utilizing these forms of media, you can actually become productive and plant a tree from your home?

Introducing: Forest—an application developed by Seekrtech who is dedicated to “bring color to every single moment of our lives, and helping people to make the most out of themselves.” Currently, this application is available in App Store and Google Play Store Store both for Android and tablet devices for free!

Forest Logo
Image Source: Forest

Forest is designed to make its users stay focus and be present on whatever they are doing. It is an application following the system of the Pomodoro Technique but with a twist! It has special functions like music (which I totally love because of the Parisian Cafe feature), statistics, and the ability to plant trees by finishing your productivity sessions. Even so, you have to be completely focused on your work because if you opened other applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Messenger—it can kill the plant that you planted when you start your session.

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When it comes to its design, Forest is absolutely minimal. Whenever I use It, I am always comfortable with how light the application feels and even its functions are very user-friendly. In addition, users also have the ability to personalize their experience by choosing the digital trees that they want to plant and how they want the forest that they are building to look like; making the whole experience playful and fun! And as of now, there a few applications that take in the same shape as Forest like BrainFocus and Tomato Timer, but these applications do not have the same goal as Forest—to create a positive impact in the environment. According to the developers, there are already 791,376 trees planted by Forest in partnership with the Trees for the Future tree-planting organization.

Finally, to cap off this review, I am giving Forest a 5 out of 5-star rating because of its compact features, ease of use, design, and capacity to deliver its functions. It’s totally a game-changer for everyone regardless of their age and gender. Above all, it is the best application in providing its service by effectively facilitating its users to focus and achieve their goal in a high-quality manner. Surely, the Forest application is a must download to everyone who wants to develop themselves and break their boundaries.

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