Dear You:

As I write this letter, I honestly do not know how to start. But, I know that these past few days, everything has been going tough. With all the issues and problems that’s been happening around you, I can sense that you’re starting to feel tired and exhausted. I can never blame you for feeling that way because just like you—we are running on the same track.

The life we are living now is not—in any way—easy. Surely, there are moments in life that hit your face extremely hard, leaving you no place to go but rock bottom. I understand why you’re feeling suffocated in this world that’s starting to appear small while leaving you no space at all. Those times when you cannot hear yourself anymore, no matter how hard you try to make some noise. I want you to remember that through all of these things, I know where you’re coming from.

Thus, I write this letter to you like a song of hope and comfort. Indeed, life is filled with wonders and it brought you here for a purpose. Keep in mind that you already reached this far and you are destined to go further. Do not allow this pandemic to defeat you because you are more than that—you are a victor. Yes, today might be rough but tomorrow has endless possibilities. With this in mind, I encourage you to take your first small step and start from that because all these hardships are nearly coming to an end.

This too shall pass.

Your Friend,


21 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass: An Open Letter

  1. I have been through many trials in my life. My mother always told me – “This too shall pass.” She was always right. I’ts alright to let things depress you to a point, but don’t let them drag you down into a pit of despair. Find something that inspires you to live and enjoy life; despite the anxiety. Have a great day.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. I agree. We really need to learn to face the challenges of life and move forward while not taking everything seriously. We ought to learn and grow despite everything. Continue fighting!

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