It’s night time, just a few minutes after you ate your microwave-heated dinner. You are sitting on a couch in front of a television. Looking at the clock, holding your phone in a comfortable position only to find yourself unproductive for hours. An idea popped out from your mind. You wanted to change and be better. You asked yourself, “How do I start?”. If the story feels like you: this book is for you.

Written by Lauren Handel Zander, Maybe It’s You is not a book but an experience of a lifetime. An eye-opener to reality, a masterpiece, and a coach. Yes, you read it right. As a life coach, Lauren Handel Zander brought her expertise into a self-improvement book. Influenced by the Handel Method, reading Maybe It’s You requires strength, honesty, and courage.

Maybe It's You; Self Improvement and Self Development; Book Review

A Punch in the Face

If you are a reader finding a book written in a straightforward manner, fun-seeker, and wants encouragement—you must read this book. Ever considered yourself a chicken, a brat, or a weather reporter (Unless, you are one.)? Think again. Lauren Handel Zander describes human tendencies in witty and funny ways, enabling her readers to engage in the process of self-improvement lightly yet purposeful.

Feel-good endings melt the heart but action-driven conclusions mold it. Lauren Handel Zander’s Maybe It’s You changes its readers. She played the game by fiddling with their current reality and punching them right in the face when they least expect it. And yes, I felt it too. It is written to provoke you, and if you found yourself talking with yourself in the process, I am happy for you.

However, Maybe It’s You is not for everyone. Yes, it is an experience but bravery is a requirement. It is vulnerability. Alike to opening the pages of your life, unlocking your past, and exposing what is hidden. 

Maybe It’s You. No, really: It’s You.

Accepting the challenge of this book requires courage and self-acceptance. You are going to question yourself. You are going to cry. You are going to laugh, and cry again. Yet, you are setting yourself free. Reading this book transformed my perspective about life, past and present included. I remember an assignment in the book where Lauren Handel Zander wants me to face one of my greatest fears. It’s hard—almost impossible, but looking back, I have no regrets and I am happy for doing it. 

As a wrap, I give Maybe It’s You 5 out of 5-star rating. The experience offered by the book is life-changing and extraordinary. A challenging read loaded with life-lessons and key takeaways. I highly recommend Maybe It’s You to readers who are ready to cut the crap, face their fears, and love their life.

Q&A: Question and Action

What is your view on taking personal responsibility in your life? What single thing you can do today to take charge of your life?

I would love to hear from you! Make sure to share your thoughts on the comment section below.

“I’m not going to lie. Maybe It’s You isn’t easy. You and I are going on a ride, a road trip, of sorts. You’re going to drive, because who else should, while I call shotgun, bark, and point. Yes, I’m that kind of GPS lady. But where I’m taking you, if you’re willing to go, is where your happiness resides.”

Lauren Handel Zander

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About the Writer:

Elijah Wayne Marin is a self-improvement blogger from the Philippines. He is a medical laboratory science student who began blogging in the midst of a pandemic. His goal is to empower young people in breaking their boundaries by providing tips, motivation and relevant information about personal development.

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