In this day and age, information is necessary for survival. Mankind is forced into a spiral of information resulting in exponential knowledge growth. With it, the privilege of information accessibility arises. Allowing humanity to gain access to almost every piece of information at the tip of their fingers. Hence, the importance of note-taking proves as valuable to remain current and competitive.

Evernote is a productivity application specialized to document and organize information. Developed by Evernote Corporation, Evernote is the only application every individual needs to capture ideas and boost productivity. For free, Evernote is available for download in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

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Evernote Features

Planning, organizing, or note-taking—Evernote is the application of choice. Perfect for writing ideas and creating a memorandum, Evernote is a friend to its users. With the sync feature available for free, multi-device users can synchronize technology by allowing the availability of information from one gadget to another. Either in business or education, Evernote is an essential tool.

As a user of this application, embedding images and attaching documents are proven of great worth for me. Especially in studying medicine, where the ease of access to scientific knowledge is considered a requirement. Taking pictures and organizing my notes with the help of groups called notebooks, identifying the information in the application has been easier. Not to mention the multiple templates available for free in almost every aspect of planning.

On the other hand, Evernote can be quite overwhelming for new users. Perhaps, the abundance of its features contributes to the possibility of decay in productivity. However, once the application is mastered, the rise of productivity is certain and incomparable to other online productivity applications.

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Overall Rating

In conclusion, I am giving Evernote a 4 out of a 5-star rating. The features of the online application are commendable and outstanding. Yet, the whole experience is blurry. I recommend providing new users with a more comprehensive tutorial than the existing one on how to effectively use the application. Nonetheless, Evernote is a must-download application for everyone who wants to up their game of productivity. And if you are one of them—go get it now.

Q&A: Question and Action

Do you use note-taking applications? If yes, share it with us! How do you use it and in what ways does it help you?

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About the Writer:

Elijah Wayne Marin is a self-improvement blogger from the Philippines. He is a medical laboratory science student who began blogging in the midst of a pandemic. His goal is to empower young people in breaking their boundaries by providing tips, motivation and relevant information about personal development.

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