Dear You:

Close your eyes. Remember that night you were in your room—alone and wide awake. Clueless from everything, you rose from your bed only to find out that it’s already 3:00 AM. Lone and sad, you wanted to sleep but you were bombarded by real-life nightmares. Fed up, you asked yourself:

“How long will this last?

No one answered you.

Self Improvement and Self Development

Waiting is a huge challenge. In moments where we are powerless, waiting is punishment. Full of haste, our initial response is to find a way out as fast as we can. We strive to loosen its grip because we lust to escape and leave. We want to breathe. We desire to be free.

Despite the struggle, we choose to fight back and deny waiting. As strange as it may seem, the more we are restrained, the more we resist. Perhaps, it’s who we are: species of urgency and impatience. However, no one has the right to blame anyone.

We are humans. It is engraved within us. Who doesn’t want victory and freedom over chains that bind? Right from the very beginning, it is what it is. Yet, overwhelmed by urgency, we forget that in the middle of everything—we grow in maturity.

Yes, waiting is a challenge but it is necessary. It’s as important as the freedom you are fighting for and the breath you are longing for. As difficult as it may be, waiting is reality. It’s hard, I know, but please keep in mind that in the middle of everything, you are becoming the person that you are destined to be. Trust me. It’s going to be worth it.

Embrace the process.

Let the wait hurt.

Your Friend:


Q&A: Question and Action

Are you in a waiting room right now? If yes, what are you waiting for? How do you respond in the process of waiting? What can you do to practice patience?

I would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. It would mean a lot to me!

About the Writer:

Elijah Wayne Marin is a self-improvement blogger from the Philippines. He is a medical laboratory science student who began blogging in the midst of a pandemic. His goal is to empower young people in breaking their boundaries by providing tips, motivation and relevant information about personal development.

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