According to a news article published by Euro News, approximately 50% of the world’s population or more than 3.9 billion people around the globe are in a lockdown. With more than 90 countries and territories recommending quarantines and confinements, it is explicit to everyone that the global pandemic has turned the lives of this generation upside down.

With this new normal at hand, the usage of technology was highlighted in different ways, especially in terms of how it can be utilized to facilitate communication. Numerous applications like Zoom and Skype, were given great attention by people from different demographics and geographical locations, in order to create innovation towards the provision of humanities’ social need for communication and interaction.

Perhaps, the global pandemic revolutionized the way humanity lived their lives for centuries. Although, this was not the first time in history that this kind of global health issue emerged, the 21st century lifestyle does not fit this sort of occurrence at all. Thus, individuals all around the globe are forced to take on the challenge of living a healthy yet productive state of living.

These includes maximizing technology to perpetually learn and acquire new skills—like speaking a new language. Introducing Duolingo, an educational online application that is specialized in teaching 36 languages in 95 different language courses.

Starting from the basic greetings like hello, au revoir, buenos dias, wanshang hao; and other more complex words like voiture, leseutolang, wunderschönen and universiteit—Duolingo can absolutely transform all of its users from nonlinguistic to a multilingual guru!

Duolingo is highly recognized around the globe because of its simple application features and functions. It is also user-friendly and above all, it is free of charge as long as you have a decent internet connection, smartphone and an app store.

Using this online application is very easy regardless of your proficiency in using technology. Now, if you are asking how it works, the process of learning rotates only around finishing specific set of topics about word memorization and grammar. Each topic has five stages that are required to be repeated for another five times to ensure mastery.

Moreover, Duolingo also has its own perks and advantages that other educational online application does not have, like its currency in the form of diamonds. Users can obtain these through continuous practice and daily milestones. These diamonds can be utilized to obtain power ups, special topics of your choice and customize Duo, the face of the application.

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In order to continuously practice the language that the user is learning, a specific amount of lives, in the form of hearts must be maintained. These hearts can be obtained by waiting for five hours, practicing a past topic that you already mastered or by upgrading to a premium account; which literally means practicing until you drop, wherever you are and whenever you want.

In relation, users can also interact with a community of language learners around the world where they can exchange thoughts and share expertises about a language that they are learning or had already mastered. They can also invite their friends to use the application in starting a journey of language learning, where they can help each other through practice conversations and peer tutoring, and did I just mentioned that inviting your friends also gives you a free premium for 7 days?

In these times when humanity is confined and limited, our generation is privileged to have technology in the tip of our fingers. Thus, we have the luxury to continuously learn new things and develop ourselves for the better.

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